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Project Abandoned
  14th December, 2018
Which project?
The one I started yesterday, obviously!!


Over on Twitter, @RevStu was having a gripe about a version of Pacman which had 5 lives instead of just 3.
Far too easy, and not quite right..
A "Shitty Boo-Hoo Snowflake Pacman" he called it..

Who am I to ignore such a silly game title?!

Over the course of the next few hours, I managed to build up most of the game, but playing it was incredibly dull and uneventful.
I couldn't find the "game" in the game, and in the end I decided to abandon the entire thing.

In all honesty, the game was starting to feel like it wanted to become a version of Forget-Me-Not, rather than a Pac-Man clone, and I knew I could never make a game as good as Forget-Me-Not!!

If you'd like to play an infinitely better version of the thing that I made yesterday, head on over to Eryngi's itch.io page and grab Forget-Me-Not R

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