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More Foldapuz Again!
  16th December, 2018
Seems that, as I panic to generate content for the SoCoder Advent of Creativity, my goto thing to create is additional games for Foldapuz!


The object of the game is to draw one single continuous loop between the gridpoints, with each numbered square only having that many "walls" formed from the loop.
It's quite hard to describe, but was alarmingly easy to put together.

For those interested.

Fill a random area on the "square" grid. I used the method of starting from the same grid point, then launching 4 different paths, in random directions with random turns. This resulted in a varied selection of "patterns"

Ensure the pattern doesn't result in any blocked off areas, so that when you draw an outline, there's only one outline.
To do this, simply scan each and every "not part of the paths" gridpoint, and ensure that it has a path leading to the edge.
If any DO end up "in the middle", then you can either fill in that grid point, or even better, redo from step one. (GOTO 1!)

Make a higher resolution grid (3*3) where you can store the "walls" for the grid.
For each gridpoint, if the gridpoint x,y-1 is not the same as x,y then add a "wall" at y-1. And then the same for x-1 and x+1 and y+1.

Count the walls on each gridpoint, and pop that into the grid.

Remove a few of the numbers, randomly, to make things a bit less obvious for the player. (Because otherwise, they can simply trace around where the numbers are!!)

Job done.
Easily one of the easiest of the Foldapuz puzzles to generate, and yet I'm absolutely rubbish at managing to complete them.

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