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Five* Days to Go
  19th December, 2018
The time of Advent is nearly over, and BOY am I glad!!


Although I do get a kick out of these daily creations, whenever I typically attempt "daily", I tend to leave myself a weekend break in between, or at the very least a Sunday.
Doing the daily Advent Creation thing has been an epic chore, with me occasionally wimping out and calling a 3DS theme a "creation for the day"

... Uhoh! I've gone and made those so simplistic that they no longer count as "effort" or "creativity".

Instead, over the coming 5 more days of advent* I've made things much harder for myself, and am going to have to actually come up with something imaginative for each day.
My options are now New Foldapuz-a-day or.. .. um.. *shrugs*
Maybe a couple of minigames?
I'm not really sure.


*6 more days if you also count today, 7 if you add on Xmas day, and 8 if you also include Boxing Day because AL's choons go up to Z.

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