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OK, Now What?>
  21st December, 2018
With only a few days of Advent remaining, it's time to think ahead for future plans.


Things I'd like to do.
1. A sequel to Futrino.
2. A sequel to Puzzobomb.
3. A sequel to Stringy Things/Poperly.
4. Some new and original content inbetween.

A couple of months ago, I considered playing an hour of random old games every day, for crazy idea building.
.. And that lasted roughly a week before I gave up with that.
So, maybe a relaunch of that task might help jog the ideas a little.

In the meantime, I've got a few more days of "Creativity" to do, try to finish off the last few bits of the Emscripten engine, and hopefully I can make a more defined set of ideas for 2019.
If you'd like to see me tackle anything, let me know!

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