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Getting Closer
  22nd December, 2018
Spent a good couple of hours on one tiny little task, yesterday!


The Emscripten engine is still lacking any kind of save functionality, but is now scaling properly to whatever screen resolution/ratio you throw at it.
It also now does touchscreen controls, too, meaning that future games should (*should!) work well enough on mobile devices that they at least give the illusion of being half-assed!

Today I'll be looking into a "Start" overlay to click before the game begins. That should help on iOS, which is currently completely silent.
After that, it's looking into the load/save techniques to work with localStorage or maybe cookies (I've not decided, yet!) and then I think that's most of the important things in place in order to switch on html5 editions of the framework.

Of course, there's still a fairly major flaw in this addition. That of, I coded all of this years games to work with controllers, and there's barely any touch/mouse controls in any of them.
Because of that slight issue, don't expect ALL of the 2018 games to suddenly pop up in browser form.

But, for a select few, the time is almost here!


Meanwhile, you can play Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit here in your browser!

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