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All Day..!
  23rd December, 2018
Yesterday was a horror show!!


Trying to get a save function working in Emscripten is all manner of chaos.
Apparently I can only save strings of numbers, not actual raw binary data?
I *think* that's what it's trying to tell me, anyway. And given that my framework uses fairly large numbers, it's not ideal to have those stored as strings.

Today I'll be ripping out a fair amount of content and starting again, seeing if there's a better way to do it.

In addition, I still haven't managed to get audio working on iOS. I added a big "Push to Start" button, but that doesn't appear to have helped.
I think I'll probably have to plug the iPad into the Mac, in order to find out what's really going on. (iPad Safari will keep a console.log, but you need to plug it into a Mac to read it!!.. FFS!!)

Emscripten.. You might be "Nearly There", but you're still a long long way off!

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