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Waffle of Mouse
  24th December, 2018
I think I definitely need to start integrating more mouse controls into my games!!


Having finally made a decent amount of progress with Emscripten, I've been rather frustrated that none of my recent games seem to actually work very well with a touchscreen.
Today I'll probably spend some time figuring out the best way to make the old games work with touch, but .. honestly, it's not looking good!!

Instead, it's probably best to plan ahead for the future. For new and interesting game ideas, and ways to make those more mouse compatible.
I'll, of course, need to implement some kind of simplistic "touch joystick" but without being all horrible and "onscreen".. I can't stand when controllers take up the space of the game's screen, and I'm too lazy to design around that!

My previous framework simply took a left-most touch to be an analogue stick, and a right-most touch to be the main button. I'll likely just replicate that, and it should suffice for most "standard" games.
I'd also like to start making a few puzzle games that work better with mouse/touch, like word games and the like.

.. But first.. I need to get the touchscreen controls working fully.
They're currently stuck to only one finger!

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