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Today's Plan/Waffle
  27th December, 2018
Hopefully I can get a bit more done, today!


Yesterday was a lovely evening of fun and games with the family.

Chatting about work and presents and all the other typical family xmassy stuff, we all stayed up until well past midnight playing Scrabble.

My cousin particularly enjoyed settling down with my Homebrew-3DS and playing JNKPlat for a good couple of hours, managing to complete the first 51 levels of the game before giving up.

Coding, obviously, took a back seat. I did manage to get multitouch going on iOS Safari, but not much more than that. I spent a good hour or so looking through possible ways of doing Android Compiles before shaking my head and moaning on Twitter, and not really getting anywhere near it.

I might have to buy myself a "decent" Android test device, to see how well the HTML versions actually run on a "not a cheap-crap" device. The two devices I currently use are a GPDxd which won't run the HTML tests at all due to it being an old (I think KitKat?) Android version. But the Android on the GPDxd is so tweaked that it barely acts like an Android device at all. It does do GooglePlay, so it's not as "bad" as OUYA was, but it's still old-tech, getting older, and gradually getting more and more outdated due to lack of updates.

My other device is an ASUS something-or-other tablet, which will vaguely run the HTML tests, but .. Badly, Slowly, and with a glitchy touchscreen. When you first boot the device, without anything additional running, the memory is at 75%. From there it just gets worse and worse.
For the purpose of quick Android tests, it seemed sufficient, but I should probably look for something a little more modern and capable.

So, yeah, I'll probably start looking for something a bit newer. Not sure what, and whether I'll ever get .apk compiling working, but it's always fun to play with new tech

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