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RSKGames' 2018 Top 10 Games
  27th December, 2018
Over on Socoder, RSKGames posted a lovely "Top 10 AGameAWeek Games of 2018", so here it is lovingly reproduced with links and pics! (And with extreme apologies that it's taken me a week to get around to doing this!!)


10. Roland Eats a Stale Biscuit

First puzzle game of 2018. If it was not so insanely difficult it will be higher up in the list.


9. Might of the Balls

Splatoon kind of game where you need to have a good control of the ball and good sense of where the region capture tiles are located to get the highest score.

8. Centipong Rebound

Pong in steroids. Very colorful and challenging.

7. Franken Hopper

A boss level kind of game with good scoring mechanism and addictive gameplay.

6. Pogo The Fridge

Fun jumping platformer that had good amount of replayability due to challenge set in the highscores.

5. Blockman Gets Retro

Spent a good amount of time enjoying this maze puzzle solver.

4. Generic Snake Clone

A game with a many big twists, as it was my first AGAW big twists game it was a pleasant surprise.

3. The Link Janitor

A perfect puzzle game that I could not stop playing till I finished it.

2. Flappadiddle Doo

A sequal to the last year's favourite game which is bigger and better then the original.

1. JNKPlat 2018

A game of epic proportion in terms of scope and gameplay mechanics. The game level editor is icing on the cake providing infinite amount of possibilities.

I know that JNK might not be pleased with the total number of games this year but considering the challenge of creating a new AGAW framework in C++, so many server movements and the launch of the mega daily puzzle site Foldapuz it has been a very exciting year in AGAW world.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and a Great New Year 2019.

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