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Project One - Futrino Two
  28th December, 2018
The first project for the year will be a new version of Futrino.


Issues with the previous edition.
1. Rooms
I was never very happy with the overall layout. As much as I enjoyed the "each room is its own screen" thing, and also liked the pipe-border aesthetic, the actual rooms ended up being quite empty within.
That'll be the first task for the new version, to try to add a little more variety to the rooms.

2. Enemies
I definitely need to focus on creating more enemy types for the game. Without many enemies, it gets incredibly repetitive ludicrously quickly.

3. Weapons
More weapons is always more fun! The difficult thing is trying to figure out how to organise all the weapons. I may need to ask the player to use *shock* THREE face buttons on their controller!!

4. Progression
Hopefully new enemy types will help, here, but there really should be a feeling of progress as you play through the game.

These are all things to be thinking about as I journey into the world of Futrino once again.

Expect the first release of 2019 to be this game. Yesterday I started the project with the simple empty layout, and that seems to work well enough.
Today I need to try to make the "rooms" a bit more substantial.

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