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A Barrel
  2nd January, 2019
Hmm.. Yesterday didn't go very well at all..

The plan was as such.
1. Design Barrel sprite generator.
2. Put barrels into game, with boxes and crates and other such things.
3. Get the game vaguely playable.


Step 1 took AGES!!
I tried all manner of things to make the barrels look a little more barrel like, but nothing seemed to work.
In the end, I considered adding a "Scruffy" layer atop the image, but then realised I'd need to add alpha channels and things like that. I'm not really sure the best way to do that, whilst retaining the previous alphas of the originally drawn sprite.
I might look into that, later, but I imagine it'll be a "1 pixel at a time" job. Nnngh

For now, Basic Barrels do at least work.

Step 2 was fairly simple. Grab a few barrels, pop them into the code, generate them in random places.
Except they don't really look all that great when clumped together, nor do they look good when floating in mid air.
The original Futrino was kinda haphazard, but with more "real-ish" looking walls and boxes and barrels, it becomes fairly obvious when things are floating around.
So, I guess I need to come up with a "floaty" barrel or something!?#
This is one of those times when the logic of a game's world becomes wrapped up in itself.

Step 3 didn't happen.
This game need a bit more planning, and a little less logic-worrying, I reckon.

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