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Slow Progress
  3rd January, 2019
I think my head's a bit sleepy, right now!

Must be all the Advent of Creativity that's done me in, or the three or four glasses of Baileys that I had over Xmas!


Oooh, debug info!

I got the start of the player controls working in Futrino 2 yesterday, and the little ship floats around at a decent speed. Not too fast to be uncontrollable, and not too slow to be useless.
I've also added a teensy bit of buffer between "screens", so that you (hopefully) won't be hitting the edge too often when avoiding enemies.

Today I need to add wall collisions, and weapons, and then start adding in enemy types, as well as figuring out a more interesting Maze Layout format.
.. So, not too much to do, then!!

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