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Not Done Yet!
  7th January, 2019
With a single "it follows you around" enemy type in place, I spent a good hour or so trying to find the right feel for the game.


I actually ended up slowing the game down a teensy bit, to ensure everything felt playable. With a few simple weapons and the single enemy movement style, the game now feels near identical to it's predecessor.

Today I need to start adding different enemies and weapons and things, in a bid to make the whole game a little more interesting.
I'd also like to add different block types, but am unsure as to what those might end up being.

Also, there's a weird bug in the level generator that seems to keep leaving the odd empty room over on the far left of the map.
That should probably be fixed!!

Tuesday's my typical release day, but I doubt I'm going to get everything finished, today.
Maybe a weekend release?!

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