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The Goal is Near
  12th January, 2019
I got a fair amount done, yesterday, and am now nearing the stage that the game's ready.


Still missing..
1. Sounds
Big missing chunk, but it's something I typically leave until last, anyway. Other than the music from the other day, the game is entirely silent.

2. Next Level
It might just be a warp between levels. Nothing too fancy.

3. Next Highscore
I stripped this out when making the new GUI for this game, but ... I miss it! I'll need to figure out how best to add it back in.

4. Balancing
Finding the right numbers that make everything feel finished.

5. Logo/Screenshots/Icons/etc
The last stuff that gets bundled up before a game's release.

I'm definitely close to the end, but it'll probably take another day or two to get everything complete.
Expect the game Monday or Tuesday, time permitting.

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