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4th December 2018
Added the Logic puzzle Link Janitor.[/highlight]
Added Link Janitor, named after my AGameAWeek game of the same name.

Link up the lettered pairs without crossing paths. I've not accounted for diagonals, so avoid those. They might be do-able with diagonals, and may be easier or harder, but they're not part of the puzzle, so.. Avoid!!

The previous week's cleaning up of the structure meant that everything was a little easier to work with, today, although I did forget how to use some of my own functions. Previously, I could quickly Page-Up to find a previous use of the function, but now the other puzzles are stored in separate files!

Other than that, I also now have to draw a new icon for the Unfolded version, as well as update all the game-lists to account for the new puzzle. It's taking longer and longer to simply add a new game!
But it's not broke yet, so I guess that's ok
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New games every week!
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