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20th December 2018
Added the Maths game Kakuro, where you need to add up numbers in the grid, to make the values shown in the triangles.[/highlight]
I started off the day by removing the single pre-drawn fence on Rebordered. Without the border, the game's now a bit harder. The one little border was making the whole puzzle a lot simpler than it should've been.

Next, I added Kakuro. Each of the triangles hold a number, containing the total sum of the next few cells, either to the right or below.
Your job is to fill in the digits.

I'm not 100% convinced these are solvable, as I've yet to properly tackle one myself, but I'm sure I'll find out eventually. The puzzles are all over the internet, so I guess there must be some kind of logic to these, right!?

If you attempt any of the Kakuro puzzles, do be sure to let me know if they work!
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