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Slow Day
  25th January, 2019
Didn't get an awful lot of coding done, yesterday.

My mind was unsure whether to make the Chess game into a puzzle or an action game, and it was as though that decision clogged up my mind to the point where I didn't actually do anything at all!!


Instead, then, I did a few tweaks to the way the SpriteGen works, hoping to get a bit more out of it.
I added in the flower generator, and then did some background tweaks to the general engine in the hope of achieving a slightly better style.
I've added a 1024 pixel option, which expands the canvas to be large enough to fit such a large sprite, but everything else was simply behind-the-curtain tweaks that you'll never notice.
Methods of doing alpha blending and other such tweaks.

Incidentally, This Page lists all the "available" blend modes, and although a number of them do appear to work, there are some that I just can't get to work AT ALL. I tried them on various browsers, just to be sure, but things like "destination-in" seem to fail no matter what I try.

No matter, everything else seems to be functional, and I don't think I've broke anything.
*fingers crossed*

Today's plan : Back to the chess game.

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