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  28th January, 2019
A small prod from a user on Twitter made me wonder about the validity of getting the Framework finally running properly on iOS/Android, and so I took the challenge and came up with ...


.. Nothing..!

Well, mostly nothing. The framework is roughly about 0.05% closer than it was a few days ago.
I'm still having so many issues getting things going, but will persevere, with the hope that it'll magically come together, just as Apple and Google decide to rewrite the rules again!

Meanwhile, then, I opted to go through my ever growing emailed todo-list.
Each night as random thoughts pop into my head, I'll email myself little reminders, and then blankly ignore them in the morning.
The list had reached dizzying heights, with minor bug fixes like "Fix that odd little error every time you open the Scoreboard Admin page", through to trivial reminders like "Don't forget to listen to this week's Mark Steel episode on Radio 4"

Last night, then, I managed to shave a good number of items from the email list.
There are all manner of bug fixes around my various sites, and in the framework, too.

A few items still remain, however.
A couple of links to Metal API tutorials, a link to emulating Raspberry-Pi on a PC (Although.. I might just buy an RPi. Might be easier!), and a reminder to upgrade SoCoder's shoutbox to be editable. .. Which actually came up, yesterday. I really need to do that!!

One of the leftovers is, "The Option Screen", and as much as I was tempted to do that, yesterday, I knew it was going to be a bigger effort than I could handle in the short time.
I might, then, take today to work on that.

Currently the option screen works fine with keyboard/gamepad control, but it awful when trying to use mouse/touch.
That needs rejigged for better support.

After that, I guess I'll get back to doing that chess game!!

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