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Today's ToDo List
  29th January, 2019
1. Balance

The game's far too hard, right now.
I think things might feel a little better if I add more obstacles to the game. The paths of oncoming enemy horses would be less chaotic of there were more things they had to avoid along the way.
At the moment, there are a few grass splodges on the board, which the enemy knights must go around.
It'd probably work a lot better if there were more of those, but I'll also need to ensure there's always a safe path, so that the king doesn't end up getting trapped among the grass!

2. Graphics
The style is very "Chessboard" and plain.
I'm unsure whether that's an OK thing or not, so will probably be playing with ideas, today, to see if I can come up with anything better.

3. Music
In addition, I need to come up with a nice relaxing background choon for the Chess game. Something calm and soothing to keep you from going mad when the game unfairly kills your king for the umpteenth time in a row!

4. Usual End Bits
Logo, Icon, Screenshots, etc.
These shouldn't take too long, as I at least have a title for the game!!

Then all should be good to go!!

Expect the game to show up in a day or two.
I know the timing's a little off with this release, but *shrugs*

I'm not rushing things, nowadays.. Taking the whole AGameAWeek thing a little easier than I used to!

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