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More Balancing
  30th January, 2019
This game still has many issues!!


I've decided that "Look Ahead" is probably the best way to go. Get the enemy AI to plan ahead a little better than it currently does.
At the moment it's entirely random, so the enemy tends to stomp about well enough, but never appears to know the best way to attack the player.

I can enable/disable "King moves into check", which shouldn't really happen. When I enable it, the king will VERY OFTEN end up getting into trouble, because he's an idiot.

If I disable it, however, he becomes really smart, and no number of attacking knights seem to be able to quite reach him before your other pieces can capture the knight.

This is the main issue, right now, so I need to rejig the enemy AI so that it can plan ahead a bit better. The AI should be able to figure out the approximate direction that your King is going, so with a little work will hopefully make for a better challenge.

So.. ...
More balancing to do.

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