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  31st January, 2019
Got an email, this morning, from someone who was slightly perturbed by the fact that my RSS hasn't updated since 8/26/2017.

When I switched from using Wordpress to my own blog script, one of the lost features was RSS. Mostly because I was too lazy to code a feed, but also because I wasn't sure that anyone actually still used RSS.

This morning's email suggests that, somewhere in the world, at least one person still reads their RSS feeds once every couple of years.

So, today I'll probably look into ways to generate a feed, though it would probably be far from the world's most ideal RSS feed.. But something's better than nothing, right?!.



Yesterday's work on "Board of Horses" was rather relentless, with all manner of complicated chess look-up's going into the game.
The result..?
Honestly, it doesn't feel any different!

I might have to mix things up a little more, and have more than just horses on the board..
Hopefully a little more variety helps things feel a bit more difficult.

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