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RSS Test
  31st January, 2019
This is a test.

I'm not sure how compatible the new RSS feed is going to be, but if you'd like to try it out in your RSS Reader of Choice, then the url is rss.xml, which is a fairly obvious choice for rss feed urls, I think.

The link has been added down at the very bottom right of the site, and is also tagged in the header, near all those bloomin' icons!

Let me know how it goes.

RSS Readers

InoReader seems the nicest of the webbased readers that I've found in my travels.
Simple enough to register using your Google account, and using the "Card View" gives a lovely enough presentation.

There's also Feedly.com which seems ok, but doesn't appear to be updating the feed after its initial read!!

For a Chrome Extension (and a few other uses) the minimal Feeder.co seems nice and fast, and not too overwhelming. There's a price tag if you want to avoid Adverts, though.. So.. I'm not sure how that works when running as a browser extension. hmmm...

Feel free to

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