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A Bit of a Waffle
  1st February, 2019
Yesterday didn't all go as planned!!


The task of "Add an RSS Feed" was fairly simplistic.
SQL data gets converted to simple html style tags, bunch them together and dump the output to a static file.
I actually got that working really quickly, but then came the "Niceness" additions, which.. As always.. Ended up taking forever!!

Little tweaks like figuring out what thumbnails to include, and deciding the best way to format the BBCode that I use to post things on the site.

The result isn't the neatest, but it is (I hope!) at least readable in a quick RSS reading style.


I took a few minutes to recompile Quadoban2 into the new, finally functional, HTML5 Emscripten based format.
The result can be found here and ... Well, it works fine!
I had to jiggle about with the mouse/touch controls a little, but otherwise it should work as expected.

The task was actually a LOT easier than I thought, and I ended up spending more time getting the mouse/touch to work than I did rejigging the code to work with Emscripten.
Thankfully, all the oodles of work that I've done making the Framework function the way I have, it was just a couple of really small references that had to be changed.
I'm certainly glad that I coded the framework in the way that I did, but I expect that tweak won't be as easy for all of the games.

.. and Chess?

I barely touched the chess game at all, yesterday.
A few little tweaks here and there to try to make the game a bit more playable, but ... I dunno, it's kinda stuck in a rut, if I'm honest.

If I can't get the "feel" by tonight, I might end up scrapping the game, and moving on to something else.

It's already February, and so far I've only released 2 games, this year.
That's not good!

Must try harder.

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