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Day Zero Defeat
  3rd February, 2019
I've just spent the past couple of hours trying to fix a really stupid bug in the game logic.
All of a sudden, enemy rooks could leap over your pieces.
I looked into the code, and ... Yeah, I can see how that's happening.

The issue being, of course, that to fix it I'd need to rewrite a significant chunk of the movement code, and probably break a whole bunch of other things along the way.

I don't often give up on a project due to complexities like this.
Usually if I DO give up, its because the game has no real substance, but I do believe this could be a good game, if my head wasn't in such a weird space, right now.

I'm all puzzled out, and I think my head needs a simpler project to work on, until it's feeling less funky than it currently does.

2 weeks in ... Project scrapped.
Sorry, everyone.

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