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Spike Plan
  4th February, 2019
This will be SpikeDislike Classic, and as such will be a back-to-basics approach.
Nobody seemed to like the wonderful new additions that I made to SD3, so they'll all be scrapped in favour of the good old "Ball bounces along the ground, dodging spikes, full stop" mechanic that everybody loves.


I've already implemented a bunch of background/floor styles, but so far haven't started adding different ball/spike themes. I'm not sure how they'd work with the random background selections.

What options CAN I add to the game?
Thinking back to the very original game, there were options for slower or faster gameplay, but I never really liked the game at a slower pace!

There was also an "Easy/Hard" option, but that only ever really altered the very start of a level.

Random or not.. That's pretty much the only option left, at this point.


Looks like I'm going to have to come up with something new and imaginative.

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