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  5th February, 2019
In order to get SpikeDislike Classic (or is it Classic SpikeDislike?) to work as universally as I can, there's been a lot of Delta Timing tweaks, alongside a bunch of 3DS Scaling-Issue related stuff that had to be done.


The height of the bounce, the bounce's speed, the forward speed, the gaps between the spikes.
These are all just simple numbers in the code, but they need stress tested to ensure the game "feels" right.

Being able to leap over a bunch of spikes with the button held (SuperCombo) should feel like something you're just about managing to do, and with the impending danger of a spike slapping you square in the face at any moment.

On the 3DS, everything is scaled down to half the size, and so an extra "doubler" variable has been added to the usual number list, which kicks in when the game's being played on the desktop version.

In amongst all of that is the rather simplistic "usual" stuff. Scoring is working, but the lovely popups currently aren't.
Since the 3DS version has the score displayed on the bottom screen, I'll probably end up having the scores swoop down, as opposed to up, in that version. Crikey!!
I'm slightly worried about how well the system will cope with all the numbers onscreen, so am tempted to create a sub-font to handle them all, alongside the star/splash thing that usually appears alongside them. If indeed I do that.

There's an awful lot of things to think about when coding this, and forefront is the nagging feeling that..
I'm not currently making an iOS edition.

.. And that feels really really weird..

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