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More To Do..
  6th February, 2019
You might've noticed that, since yesterday, the Poetry Corner now has a little crappily designed scroll image.


This is, oddly, all down to last week's RSS Feed additions.
When I started adding the "Media" tag to each post, for the RSS feed to look a little nicer in certain readers, I realised that poetry corner doesn't have any associated media.

This has plagued my mind ever since, and yesterday I decided to do something about it.

A very simple pixelated "scroll" style background was created, along with selecting a semi-decent font, but something was still lacking.

I decided to draw a tiny 32x32 icon for each and every rhyme, and will (whenever I find the time/boredom) be going through the old rhymes in reverse order, to add them all in.
For now, it only goes back about 2 weeks, because .. Who has the energy for that?!!

Of course, that now means that I need to draw an extra little icon every single morning, but since I'm already faffing about with Platdude Pixelart each morning, it shouldn't be too hard to handle.

This morning's post seemed to go reasonably smoothly.

So, that's pretty much all I did, yesterday. Coding the new additions into the site, writing a new proggy to generate all the poetry images, organising spritesheets to hold all the little icons, and adding Linjat to Foldapuz.

.. Actually, that's quite a lot that I did!

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