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Starting a New Framework...
11th February 2019  
A new plan. Physical games.

A very Platdude styled set of cards are ready to be used, but there's no game for them to go into, yet.
Today will be about starting a new framework to cope with them.


The plan

One framework to handle a series of simple card/board game style games, running in JavaScript in your browser.

With all the things I've learned, from doing Foldapuz, Foldapuz Unfolded and JNKsg, I now know how best to load and unload various JavaScript "chunks", and so will hopefully be able to have everything running from a single page.

A menu will be created, and from there the script will load various game scripts, with all manner of different gameplay experiences held within.

Card games, Board games, Dice games..
All those little games that are too fidgety for regular AGameAWeek, but that also don't really work well as Pen'n'Paper Foldapuz games.
I've plenty of little ideas bubbling in my head, already, but a lot of them seem to require AI and GUIs and things, and ..
Oh dear...

The Reality

Today I need to deal with the first little bit.
Writing a script to load the big card spritesheet, create a canvas, and see how well it'll cope drawing all the cards onscreen at once.
At the very least, even basic Solitaire is going to require that much.

I have absolutely no idea how well it'll manage, and this may very well be the end of the road!!

Wish me luck.

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