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Space Test
12th February 2019  
Testing whether large layouts of cards will even fit on a tiny iPhone screen.
Over the next few days, I'll be doing various tests and things, as I try to determine the best methodology for the games.
First up, Setting a grid size based upon a couple of values.


The above is a static "grid".
The grid is 11 cells across (for all the ingame card columns, and an extra space where the deck goes) and then only 2 rows down.

Top row is "The columns" and will display any completed runs, whilst the bottom row will show the leftover deck on the right.
The screen scales to different sizes aptly, and doesn't appear to (so far) have any issues.

However, the cards are still static, immovable and aren't even held properly in the arrays, but I have been working out the many different ways that the arrays should function, and .. I think it should work ok!!

Today, I'm going to attempt to turn the above static thing, into a playable thing.
This will require things such as..
1. Drag'n'Drop
2. Moving cards to and from various arrays
3. Proper Card drawing function, to account for the cards flipping over.

And once the moving of cards is in place, it's time to start working on the actual rules and gameplay, before organising my framework to cope with multiple games and a menu and such.

Yup, plenty to work on!!
It's still very early days.

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