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13th February 2019  
A test of the WordList functionality, for future word games.
Just to be extra sure that it'd work in the slightest, I added a quick test loader to Shoebox for the WordList functionality.


The test is 100% successful and loads pretty much instantly.
Good to know!
Of course, that doesn't mean that Javascript will be very good at scanning all 170,000+ words per frame, when needed, but at least it loads it ok! Everything else can be dealt with as necessary.

Meanwhile, I started working on the reusable card functionality, with cards now able to flip over with the simple addition of a 0-1 floating value.
From this point I need to add Piles and Hands, and allow for some to be hidden whilst others display all their current cards.

I also need to handle the handling of cards. Simple drag and drop, complex "drag with a bunch of other cards" and things like that.
Basically, I'm hoping to make all of this as painless as possible when I'm wanting to add new games, so everything that I do now will no doubt be tripping me up in unexpected ways, later on down the line!!

Back to work!!

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New games every week!
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