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A Sideways Glance
15th February 2019  
Further tweaks to the canvas-scaling is required.
For some strange reason, turning an iPhone sideways produces this..


Today I'll be trying to figure out exactly why that is, as well as doing all the things that I need to do to ensure the game is .. vaguely playable in Portrait mode, too.
The iPhone screen is so bloomin' small, when it comes to having to deal with all those cards!

In addition, there's a few tweaks I need to make to the end-game, in that there currently isn't one!
But otherwise, things are feeling nice and playable, as far as Spider Solitaire goes, and given that I honestly thought that'd take a couple of weeks, I'm quite happy that it's come together as quickly as it has.

The other, much larger upgrade, will be to have the game load and save as you play, so that the game will re-open where you left off, each time.
I'll then have to figure out a nice layout for the menu, but .. Eeeuw, menus!!!

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