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18th February 2019  
Added Save functionality.
As far as I've been able to stress-test, the save/load functionality of the new Shoebox framework should now function correctly!


Had a major (about 2 hours) battle with Microsoft Edge before realising I'd been testing the Local files, and when you run Local files through Edge, it inexplicably refuses to access the LocalStorage functionality, and freezes the Javascript.


Once I switched to online-testing, things seemed much better, and the iPad also works, as does Firefox and Chrome..

.. but as always, your mileage may very.

The save function keeps the main multi-function arrays stored nice and safe, as well as your temporary ingame player values.
It doesn't, however, store any persistent data, such as how many times you've succeeded at a game, so RSKGames' recent win at Spider Solitaire is currently only recorded via his post in the comments!!

I should probably tackle that next!

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