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Starting the Second
20th February 2019  
Since managing to completely fudge the site up, last night, I then spent a few hours whittling away at Game #2.


The icon I designed yesterday seems to have a nice style, and the new menu is all coming together pretty well... .. Now that it isn't entirely broken!

With the background stuff mostly functional, I turned to Game #2, and had a rather productive night.

Game #2 is also turning out much smoother than Game #1 did, so I'm now considering delving back into Game #1 a little bit. I originally felt the slight delay in the game, when the game is moving cards around, wouldn't be too much of a problem. But those few moments when your finger doesn't quite "grip" the card are becoming more evident now that Game #2 doesn't have such issues.

So, back to #1 for today, and I'll try my best to tidy that up and hopefully make the whole experience a little better.

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