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Sound Back On
  20th February, 2019
Finally managed to get Audio working on iOS devices!
Holy Munkies!!


I only went and got the iOS audio to work!!
And not only does it "work", but it works gently in the background without killing all the rest of the audio, so you can have your music playing in the background whilst it goes "flop flop flop" playing all the card sounds!!!

That's taken all bloomin' day to get going, and there's been a ton of twists and turns along the way, but the very last issue was that iOS Safari doesn't like the "detune" function.

if (source.detune!==undefined) {source.detune.value=(sfxpitch-1)*1000;}

Be sure you check that detune is available before you use it, or it'll freeze-crash, instead of just happily going "Hey, Error!" and failing gently like everything else seems to do.

.. Right, now that that's done, time to decide on the best way to organise all the audio.

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