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I Need Klondike!!
24th February 2019  
Had another "This game isn't possible" email, this morning, about the blocking of the Draw Pile in Spider Solitaire.

On the one hand, I guess I need to add a little more ingame, onscreen instructional stuff.
On the other hand.. People just want Klondike, don't they!!!

So that'll be today's task. Spend a few hours trying to replicate the "classic" solitaire, and see how easy it is to get it working, without needing to rewrite too much of the overall engine.
(And preferably fix things up to make future games easier)


What other features remain?
Fixing up the mode-select screen a bit, and maybe looking into an options menu. It'd probably be a good idea to let users select between the Large-Print cards and normal cards, rather than forcing that distinction based on their screen's orientation.
I could also do with adding an audio on/off switch, somewhere, too.

Oh dear, that menu's getting a little more cramped, again, isn't it!!

I seriously could do with sitting down and redesigning the main menu a little, but .. Meh!! Carry on, eh!
The best thing about THIS particular framework, is that it's all instantly live once uploaded, so I can tweak all manner of things along the way.

I guess that's good.
.. Until I completely break things, and then everyone gets angry.

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