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Late Night Issues
  25th February, 2019
A LOT of fixes to the Klondike Solitaire game!
I posted Klondike late last night, then grabbed the iPad, and settled back to play for a short while.

.. Uhoh!!


Instantly, I noticed a huge issue with the "Home Piles" (I think they're called Home Piles.. The ones at the top that go A->K)

The code for those was still operating on the "Per Colour" ruleset, instead of the more specific "Per Suit" rules.
A quick fix was set to, and halfway through, Michael emailed me to warn me about the very same issue.

Fix complete, I uploaded and relaxed..
Only to find a second bug, whereby if you place (say) an Ace of Clubs atop a 2 of Hearts, then drag the 2 of Hearts up onto a "Home" Ace of Hearts, the Ace of Clubs will be dragged along with it!
.. And accepted as part of the Home pile.


Another half hour or so, to fix that one, mostly because my "Pickup/putdown" code is already starting to get a little bit chaotic.

Eventually happy with the fix, it all got reuploaded, and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out.
Not really sure what's going on with the "Deal Pile", getting all wibbly wobbly when you move your mouse near it, though.
I'll fix that, today, but didn't consider it worthy enough for a late night fix.

Anyway, all seems to be good, and .. I'd say "Lesson learned", but I probably haven't, and will no doubt do this again!

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