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  25th February, 2019
A significant rewrite to the save data has required that all scores be erased!
With extreme apologies, I've just deleted everyone's highscores in Shoebox! (Don't lynch me!!)


The main issue was space.
When I started, I figured "Big-ass array, use everywhere!!", but very soon I started using more and more and more arrays.
There are now 6 arrays in play, each one holding 100 slots of information for a 25x25 grid. ... So 375,000 chunks of data..
I figured that was probably a bit big, and since it was storing all that to Local Storage, that was kinda silly, too.

As such, I've stripped it WAY WAY down from 25x25x100x6 to just 10x10x100x6. Which is still a LOT, but is a heck of a lot smaller once you add it all up.
I think..

The rescale ended up breaking a LOT of other stuff, since the grid now shuffles in dimensions when switching between the various games. eg, Strings makes it an 8x8 grid, whilst Klondike just a 7x2, with each change allowing for more or less "pitch", as the grid expands and shrinks within the allocated space.

Anyhoo, basic gist is, I broke ALL the save data, but it should all be working nicely again.
Extreme apologies to all.

I'll try not to do it again. ... But still haven't coded a version-check, so will likely end up breaking it all at some point in the future.

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