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26th February 2019  
Had a really weird wiggly-card issue!
It's hard to keep from breaking things when they're already live on the server.


Going ahead, I really need to plan things out a little better, but sometimes it's hard to consider all the options, as well as the many issues that might arise in future.

As I rejigged the main array functionality, yesterday, and stupidly managed to break a whole ton of things, I was cursing myself for not having planned for these issues.

As I stared at a screen full of chaotically wiggling cards, I started to wonder whether I should even scrap and restart a whole lot of the code.
In the end, I managed to wiggle the code around the new dynamic array size, but there was certainly a "undo or forge ahead" point where I wasn't sure if I should just hold Ctrl-Z for a few minutes..

There are still a few issues that might crop up.
I currently don't have any way to save "per-game" strings. Any strings are specifically highscore-only, but there are hundreds of places where strings won't be used, so I should technically have a bit of space lying around to hold a few odd values, here and there.

One thing that the framework can't currently cope with, however, is multiple-saves. Be they different users, or even jumping between different games, the engine just can't cope with having more than one single array stored in the localStorage, mostly because localStorage has a certain limit as to how much you can store.

If I could find a nice compression method to work with all of this data, that might be handy, but .. For now, one player playing one game, will just have to suffice!

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