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4th March 2019  
RSKGames alerted me to a potential issue with the game locking up, when it can't correctly load the previous save data.
RSKGames emailed, this morning, with a log file showing what happened in his browser, when the ShoeBox collection failed to load properly.


On occasion when coding the collection, I've had a severe "Black screen, no further" scenario.
Usually it's only happened to me during actual development, when I've tweaked something in the save file a little "too" far, and it's broken the entire game as a result.

But, apparently it's happening to the live version, so it definitely needs to be looked into.

At one point, I started adding a failsafe "If broken save, ignore save and carry on without it" thing, but .. I can't remember if I finished that off. I'm guessing probably not if this is happening.
I should probably add a secondary timeout to the page, to refresh the things, should that happen.

Lots to work on, today!

Thanks to RSKGames for the log, it's always handy to get a little detail into why things aren't working properly.

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