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  5th March, 2019
Added a 60fps mode for smoother gameplay.
Shoebox has been limited to a 30fps mode, simply because initial tests showed my crappy laptop to suck at trying to run it at 60fps, and the fan kicks into gear!


Tonight, spurred on by @JamieLowesDev complaining about slow fps in UIs, I've added a 60fps toggle to the frontpage/pause menu, so if you'd like to try it, be sure to let me know how you get on with it.
Might be a bit glitchy in certain situations, but I did at least double-check the timer on Strings, so.. That seems ok!!

Do note, however, that this is your browser trying to redraw the whole screen at 60fps, and that that will more than likely cause the battery to drain a little quicker than it would normally, or your system's fan to kick in at a faster rate.
Like I've said, I've tried to write this all using fairly plain Javascript, so I've not got an awful lot of framerate-tricks that I can use.

Wonder if there's a better method to draw all of this..?

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