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6th of March
  6th March, 2019
6th of March 2012 was the day that I was rushed into hospital with a brain tumour. Oh joy..


It's 7 years later, and I've woke up with a banging headache, but hopefully one that's simply been brought on by this week's family events and not another bloomin' tumour.

As the weeks, months and years pass by, I often wonder if I might end up requiring another stint in the hospital.
My Amazon "Wish List" includes things like a wireless mobile broadband dongle and 24Gb sim card (From Three) which are to be purchased should I end up back inside the hospital for an extended stay.

I'm prepared..

I'm also scared as hell, because if it does happen again, it's likely to be a much more complicated situation, and will no doubt lead to the C word becoming more an issue.

So, as I sit with a migraine banging away, I hope that today's pain is simply a combination of a really horrible week's events.
Tomorrow should be fine...

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