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What a busy day...
8th March 2019  
Changed the scoring of the word game tiles, to match those of Scrabble. Additionally got a bunch of Icons/Counters/Player Tokens drawn.
First up, I've decided to just let "Trails" be "Trails", and stop worrying about what the actual game might possibly have really been.


There's not a proper "You can't possibly complete this!" retry button that appears on the bottom left, which should be useful.
As requested, there's now also a "Left and Right" mode, alongside the "Left Only" mode, so hopefully things should be a "little" bit easier to play...
..although I've still yet to actually beat the thing.

Next, I changed the scoring on Strings.
I've been thinking ahead to future games, and realised it would be much easier if everything was in "Scrabble Score" values, rather than "Stringy Things Score" values.
If I try to add the "Word Target" mechanic that I have in Foldapuz into a ShoeBox game, then it's going to be much easier to play if you don't have to keep counting the points on all the different letters.
Most people are familiar enough with Scrabble values that they're easier to deal with, so hopefully that will be "better" for people to play with.

Once that was done, I started to look into simple icons. The usual 8 colours, with a variety of shapes, in the hope that I can use these icons/tiles/counters/etc for various purposes in the future.
.. I didn't get very far through that, but at least it's a thing I've started.

Next on the list, I made a new game for Foldapuz, bringing the total number of games up to 32. And since each game gets 8 instances each day, that's 256 games being made every single day, 1,792 each week, and 93,440 a year! All from a handful of little scripts!

Today, I'll be adding more of those icons/counters and then working on a game to make use of them.
Should be fine..!

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