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9th March 2019  
Last night, I spent an alarming amount of time thinking about Particles.


For the most-part, the ShoeBox engine is scaling well to different sized resolutions and screen ratios, but most of the sprites are a fairly chunky size. If I start to add "little" particles all over the screen, the smaller sprites would likely become lost in the chaos of a full screen of giant chunky sprites.

So, I'm instead thinking about larger chunkier particles, and the many different styles of those that I can get away with, without resulting in an overly cluttered screen.
Keeping in mind that I can't easily do recolouring with sprites, I'm wondering if it might actually be better to use a dingbat style font to draw geometric shapes as particles. That might actually work a little better.

I'm going to have to do some stress-testing with shapes and sizes and things, to see what does and/or doesn't work well on various browsers, first, though.

.. Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing!!

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New games every week!
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