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More Particles!
  10th March, 2019
Today I'll be trying to come up with a few imaginative ideas for particles, but will probably run out of ideas after my usual few!


1 - Particle flies in one direction.
2 - Particle flies with a gradual fall.
3 - Particle flies and bounces on a fake floor.
4 - Particle flies but gradually slows to a stop.


If I can think of any more than that, I'm sure I'll also add them over in my main C++ Framework at the same time. After all, my method of coding everything into giant arrays and regularly named functions, means that a lot of what I'm now coding can be more or less easily shifted between the two frameworks.


How the smeg did I end up with two concurrent frameworks!?!?
Three if you count Foldapuz!!

Bah, humbug..

Incidentally, so far this year I've written 3 "proper" AGameAWeek games, 6 ShoeBox games, and 5 Foldapuz games, so that's 14 games in *checks* 10 weeks. .. Yeah, that'll do..

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