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11th March 2019  
Did you notice the change in the Letter Bubbles, yesterday?
I bet you didn't!!


The smallest of tweaks, but an important one. The bubbles in ShoeBox's Strings have been altered ever so slightly, so as not to leave any artefacts when spaced out.
I keep forgetting that HTML5 needs the tiny buffer between sprites, and when starting to work on Word Game 2, the glitchiness was starting to appear.

So, yesterday I rejigged the sprites ever so slightly, making their radius exactly 1 pixel smaller, so that they no longer touch the edges of their spritesheet border.

In addition, I've added a few boxes that will be useful for making Scrabble style boards for the letters to be placed upon in future.

Quite how well I can make a scrabble style board work on all the different screen resolutions, I'm not sure, but it definitely needs to be tackled at some point.
As well as an actual game, I'd like to recreate Score My Words in the new engine, as it would, at the very least, load a boatload quicker than the current version!

But that's all yet to come. First.. Scrolling and Zooming a board.


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New games every week!
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