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12th March 2019  
There's a lot of complex maths involved to get the Board functions to scale properly.
I'm now fairly happy with the way the generic board is scrolling and zooming on my iPhings, but the desktop version needs a lot more work.


The pinch-zoom feels much more like proper pinch-zoom than the nasty method I was using for Foldapuz-Unfolded (and I may very well end up retrofitting it there, later) so you can quite easily zoom and scale your way around the temporary grid.

The grid goes from "Fits onto the screen" up to about 4x that size, so should be functional enough for the majority of cases.
The "board" in these images are a Super-Scrabble sized area, so should give you an idea of how large a board it can cope with.

On the desktop side of things, however, it now needs things like scroll-wheel for zooming, as well as maybe a few shortcut keyboard buttons to jump to various zoom levels, as well as a way to keep the zoomed view centered on the current action.

A crazy amount of maths has gone into this part of the engine, and hopefully it should all be worth it.

I've had to make a secondary test area for this, as it seems you can really break the engine if you try to quit from a game that doesn't exist!! Apologies for that, but the results should be shifting over to the main engine in the next day or two.
I just need to actually make a functioning game that uses it all, first!

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New games every week!
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