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Old Pics
  14th March, 2019
Stumbled upon a fascinating website, last night.
TimePix.uk shows old Ordnance Survey photos from in and around the Greater Manchester area.
If you can pinpoint the OS grid reference for your house, you can flick through a selection of their photos.


I spent most of the night flicking through photos of my village from the late 40's, early 50's, and it was fascinating to try and place all the various pictures.

Although I was never much of a history buff, (People, Dates, that kind of thing) I do at least have a keen interest in the evolution of towns and cities, and the way they've changed over time.

Flicking through the photos kept me up for most of the night, and ruined any coding I had planned, but it was time well spent in a strangely nostalgic mood!

Unfortunately, it is only the local Greater Manchester area, (and doesn't even include the local town of Bolton!) so unless you're eerily nearby, it probably won't be as much fun for you.. But I'm sure if you hunt the web, you'll find something similar for your area.

Good luck hunting, and be sure to let me know what you find!

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