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Optimising the Load
16th March 2019  
There are an awful lot of elements that it would be great to add to the Shoebox framework, but first a few additional framework chunks need to be integrated.


First, I'm thinking about additional spritesheets. Trying to load EVERYTHING from the get-go is probably a little insane, so instead I'm thinking of adding a "GetAsset" function to each game, which will hold any additional loading that may be required for that particular game.

That way, I can start to add more specific elements, like tilesets for boardgame layouts, or special cards that might be needed for some games. Things like that.
Hopefully by separating it out, it shouldn't require such a huge clump of data right from the start of the script.
I've also been meaning to look into "Audio Spritesheets", which are basically a way of slicing up a single large audio file into segments, so that you can have one single "MySfx.wav" instead of having to download 25 different wav files... Which is, frankly, a little daft!!

So, hopefully, by the end of today, things should be a teensy bit quicker to load, and a little smoother for the server to cope with.

.. We'll see!!

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