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Making a font work...
18th March 2019  


The fonts also might need to be changed to a pixel art font to make it look good.

Early font-test prototype

I coded this a few weeks ago, to see if web-fonts did actually work properly on as many browsers as I could find, and ... for the most part, they seemed to work just fine, meaning I can technically create my own pixel-style font, upload it to the server and have it work without too many issues.


The main issue from this point is that changing that one menu font would probably also then make things like this look a little bit weird..

How far do I take the pixelisation. The little circular bubble pieces would have to be pixelated, as would the letters upon them.
And, honestly, I don't like the idea of that..

So, no, I don't think I'll be doing "more pixelation", and instead will try to come up something else.

I never did like the scrawled style for the icons, but if the pixelart icons don't match, I'll need something more..
....? Icon'y!?

I'll need to put my designer's hat on for this one.

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