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18th March 2019  
Pixelart game icons redrawn in a higher resolution.


The pixel art and the normal font in the menu screens seemed at odds with each other. All other screens I like the fonts that are used.


Spent the past *checks clock* 2 hours (!) working on higher resolution pixelart for the menu bubble icon things.
Instead of 16x16 icons, they're now 64x64 ones.

They're still pixelart, but are now much less "chunky pixel" than they were.
Are they any better now?!

64x64 pixel sprites over a 2048x2048 sheet gives me the possibility for 1024 icons. Games, folders, and eventually an option screen, will all rely on these so having oodles of icon space helps immensely.
I could potentially up the icons to 128x128, but then I'd be reducing the number of icons down to 256. .. And although 256 might seem an awful lot, right now, I can see that number looking alarmingly small once I really start to churn out the games. After all, it only took a few hours to make yesterday's "Score Rack" game.. Hmmm...

Anyhoo, thoughts and comments on the slightly upgraded icons?

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New games every week!
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